About Us

For over 20 years, Xcalibur, Inc. has delivered innovative and cost-effective data management solutions for organizations, schools, districts, and states.

SCRIBE is Xcalibur’s most advanced tool for tracking and reporting student data.


  • Generates the reports you need, simply and automatically
  • Minimizes errors and allows real-time access to check for accuracy
  • Allows multiple levels of access through different privacy settings
  • Makes comparing data points easier and more informative
  • Plus, with SCRIBE, your data always belongs to you.  Import and export data on your schedule. Enter information and see reports in real time.  We give you the tools to manage your data in-house and online — secure and accessible from anywhere.

Student achievement is our top priority — that’s why SCRIBE makes sense of student progress.  Follow students throughout their learning journeys so that educators can set goals, share status reports, change course when necessary, and celebrate milestones.