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  • Strategic Team Planning: Charting a Course for Success

    Last month, I got great satisfaction in meeting face-to-face with my team for our annual evaluation team strategic planning. Strategic planning meetings are crucial for team success and provide an opportunity for reflection. They are also very valuable for the development of a cohesive and comprehensive plan that is co-developed […]

  • Where did they come from? Where did they go? SCRIBE’s Enrollment History Report

    When one school year end, we move onto the hustle and bustle of summer and before we know it, a new school year is upon us. Whether intentionally or not, the prior school year is often put behind us, only to be revisited for the APR. However, looking at enrollment […]

  • Anonymous and Confidential Surveys: What Exactly is the Difference?

    Anonymous and Confidential Surveys: What Exactly is the Difference?

    Surveys are a popular research tool for gathering valuable insights and data from individuals on various topics. The two standard survey methods are anonymous and confidential surveys. While both methods aim to protect respondent privacy, they have differences that can influence data quality, respondent honesty, and overall survey effectiveness. This […]

  • Second Year College Persistence

    Many colleges face challenges with student persistence, retention, and completion. Thus, a relevant question is – What can colleges do to improve student outcomes? On July 26, 2023, the USDOE released the notice for FY 2023 for the Applications for New Awards for the Postsecondary Student Success Grant Program (PSSG). […]