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  • Celebrating High School Graduation and Embracing New Horizons

    Graduation season is the time when high schools and institutions of higher education celebrate the completion of academic programs and the transition of students to the next phase of their lives. Commencement speeches inspire and advise graduates on future endeavors ranging from entering the workforce, going to trade school, or […]

  • Sharpening The Saw Through Professional Development

    Many years ago, I read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. In the book, Covey mentioned “sharpen the saw”, as the 7th habit. Sharpening the saw involves preserving and improving your greatest asset – You. There are many ways we should “sharpen the saw.” In […]

  • What do Spring, Xcalibur, Data Dashboards, and Your Car’s Check Engine Light Have in Common?

    This week marks the first week of Spring, and the buzz of renewal is in the air. Spring is the official name of the season, but GEAR UP members may call this time of year’ APR season.’ It also indicates a renewal, moving from the close examination of last year’s […]

  • Research Symposium Recap from the NCCEP Capacity Building Workshop

    Research Symposium Recap from the NCCEP Capacity Building Workshop

    The Prove Team at NCCEP hosted the first Research Symposium during the 2023 Capacity Building Workshop which provided a space to highlight qualitative and quantitative evaluation studies specific to GEAR UP goals, objectives, services, and outcomes. Xcalibur participated in the Research Symposium and presented with GEAR UP Georgia during the […]