Data Infrastructure

In GEAR UP, data management used to be about grants having the data to complete their APR. Xcalibur Data Infrastructure is centered on having the right data, at the right time, in the right “way”, for the right people. It is comprised of a customized Data Management plan to guide you and your users as they collect and prepare data; procedures for importing data into SCRIBE; and finally processes for ensuring data quality. The latter fosters data-driven decision making to maximize impact on students, build advocacy to create sustainable funding for GEAR UP, generate your APR, and carry out your Evaluation plan.

The Right Data

The right data is complete and clean and aligned to each grant's needs!

The Right Time

The right time means users have immediate access to their data through reports or exports.

The Right Way

The right way means not only that the file types and reports are compatible, but also the data elements themselves are standardized and easily understood.

The Right People

The right people can be decision makers, program coordinators, school and district leadership, parents, and advocates.

Data Infrastructure is the foundation of decision-making, evaluation, and program improvement. Without it data can not be relied upon. Xcalibur works with GEAR UP grants to develops clearly defined processes, roles, and timelines for how data is collected and used. The result of Xcalibur Data Infrastructure is confidence in the quality of data and the resulting decisions.