What is SCRIBE?

The SCRIBE is a longitudinal student tracking system that allows educational grants to have easy access to all of their data from virtually anywhere.

Over 250,000 Students Tracked

Over 10 Million Service Hours Entered

Over 150 Surveys with Over 400,000 Survey Reponses

Over 2,000 Users.

61 GEAR UP Grants Tracked


SCRIBE is designed to make student performance data easy to track, analyze and report on, SCRIBE is a cost effective data management tool perfect for dedicated educators.

Here's some of the amazing features that come with SCRIBE.

  • Track Student Demographics and Enrollment
  • Track Teachers
  • Track Parents
  • Track Courses and Grades
  • Track Attendance
  • Track Standardized Tests
  • Track Service/Intervention Participation
  • Custom Service Taxonomy
  • Service Templates
  • Advanced User Management
  • 200+ Reports/Exports with Advanced Filtering
  • Excel, CSV, PDF Report Formats
  • Complete GEAR UP APR Reports
  • Customized to Program Need
  • Central Data Storage
  • Extensive Data Validation
  • FERPA Compliant
  • Database Level Encryption
  • Certified Encrypted SSL
  • Advanced Custom Data Imports

SCRIBE Modules


Advanced customizable data imports.

In-Kind Match Tracking

Track GEAR UP Match tracking.

Expense Report Tracking

Submit and process program expense reports.

File Attachments

Attach files to your program, a district, school, student, parent, teacher, and/or services.


Unlimited unlimited surveys. Create identified surveys associated to the student, parent or teacher. Create tracked surveys to track who has taken the survey.

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