How is SCRIBE different from other systems out there?

SCRIBE is the only system that provides GEAR UP grantees with strict security levels and web access that allows users to easily track ALL student data; import any type of student, parent, or teacher information; track, administer, and monitor all surveys; and provides the most comprehensive suite of reports, graphs, tables, and exports that meet the needs of directors, program managers, site coordinators, and evaluators. In short, SCRIBE is a Swiss Army knife for your student tracking needs. It does everything.

How much does this cost?

The value provided by SCRIBE comes at a significantly smaller price tag than what your program currently pays for either managing data internally or for any other competitor’s services. Xcalibur has developed SCRIBE as a product for over twelve years to provide a robust framework for tracking student longitudinal data and at an affordable price. For general idea for pricing see our Plans and Pricing page. For any questions, contact us at sales@xcalibur.com.

Can I see a demo or test it before hand?

Of course! Contact us at sales@xcalibur.com to arrange for a WebEx presentation. If you consider yourself a data management system power user, we have often arranged for more extensive test drives of SCRIBE for the data-inclined. Most of those who have tested are now satisfied clients and great references!

Does SCRIBE produce evaluation graphs?

The short answer is no, SCRIBE does not produce evaluation reports/graphs. What SCRIBE does provide is the access to quality data that is vital for evaluators to create those evaluation graphs and reports. Good evaluations will need to drill down into a multiplicity of factors (i.e. sites, frequency and duration of services, demographics, grades, attendance, etc.) to explore and uncover their relationship to student achievement. Evaluators love SCRIBE. Unlike other systems, SCRIBE for GEAR UP allows for immediate and secure access to raw, high-quality data.

Will my GEAR UP team be able to use SCRIBE for GEAR UP? What kind of training is required and provided?

Xcalibur recognizes that a data management system can only provide true value when quality data is being collected. In turn, that quality data is best collected when the system makes the user experience for data collectors and managers as easy and intuitive as possible. SCRIBE for GEAR UP has consistently revised and refined the user experience based upon suggestions from GEAR UP clients over the last decade. Couple those ongoing client-requested features with a knowledgeable support team and access to guided trainings and user tips, and you have a product in SCRIBE for GEAR UP that – unlike most other solutions – actually makes data collection simpler.

How many GEAR UP grants have you worked with?

More than 30 in all – state grants, partnership grants, small and large grants, grants in 17 states.

How can data be imported into the system?

No more waiting on your data management system provider to import data. SCRIBE for GEAR UP includes a robust import module that helps grantees upload all of their student information directly. There is a comprehensive data submission guide and online training videos that demonstrate the ease with which student information can be imported into SCRIBE. The module includes validation and verification processes to ensure the quality of data. Uncomfortable doing imports? Our SCRIBE support staff is always available to talk and walk you through the import process.