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  • Sharing Knowledge and Inspiring Change

    Have you ever wondered why evaluation findings sometimes do not get used in making programmatic decisions? Yes, we all have, and we can produce several reasons. This was the focus of our Data Into Practice presentation at the National Council for Community and Education Partnerships (NCCEP). The NCCEP conference is […]

  • Listen Up! Amplifying Student Voices

    Several months ago in a blog post, I wrote about traveling to collect qualitative data from stakeholders. Last month, the effort continued as we gathered valuable qualitative data from students. This time, our data collection effort was different because Xcalibur and the grant leadership agreed to conduct the focus groups […]

  • The Power of Evaluation Retreats: Maximizing Program Growth

    The Power of Evaluation Retreats: Maximizing Program Growth

    With student success on the line, GEAR UP grants constantly strive for growth and improvement. Evaluating the grant effectiveness of strategies, processes, and objectives is crucial for obtaining goals for retreat participants. While evaluations are typically done in the office, there’s a growing trend towards evaluation retreats – dedicated blocks […]

  • Summer: A time to unwind and wind-up

    Summer is upon us and all I can think of is warmer weather, flip flops, beach fun, cookouts, and DATA (yup, always a data nerd!!)! 🤓 As schools finalize the last few days of the school year it is time to prepare for closing out on 22-23. No matter where […]